(News) Only In South Carolina Does THIS Make the “News”


LEXINGTON COUNTY, SC (WIS) – The Department of Health and Environmental Control is reporting a FOX ATTACH in Lexington County.

DHEC says the attack happened near the Ballpark Road recreational facility off Highway 1 in Lexington. Robert Adkins is receiving preventative rabies treatment as a precaution.

“It don’t look like much but one of his teeth went there,” said Adkins, showing off his wound. “One of his other teeth went in the other side of my leg.”

On Thursday morning, the 20-year-old was walking with some friends in a wooded area near Ball Park Road.

“When I saw it, I thought it was going to be an everyday animal, just dart into the woods because it would be scared,” said Adkins. “Instead this one ran for my leg.”

The fox sunk its teeth into Adkins’ right leg.

“I was more concerned about getting it off of me more than anything,” he said. “I kicked it as hard as I could and it ran off.”

Adkins went to the hospital. He’ll have to go back for more treatment in a few days.

DHEC caught the fox and is testing it Friday for rabies.

This fox attack is the third in as many weeks in the Midlands. About two weeks ago, two others were attacked by foxes in Richland County.

Those attacks happened near the Dorn VA Medical Center on Garners Ferry Road.

DHEC is urging folks who have seen wild animals to be cautious around them because the animals could have rabies.

“If you are bitten, scratched or come into contact with the saliva of a possibly infected animal, immediately wash the affected area with plenty of soap and water,” said DHEC’s Sue Ferguson. “Then be sure to get medical attention and report the incident to DHEC.”

In 2011, there were three rabid animals in Lexington County and 107 statewide, according to DHEC. So far in 2012, there have been 17 rabid animals confirmed in South Carolina.

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