(News) Unidentified Toddler Abandoned On Front Porch Of Anderson SC Home


abandoned baby

The identity of a toddler who was abandoned on the front porch of a home in an Anderson County subdivision is still unknown.

The child appears to be 2 to 3 years old, according to investigators.

Anderson County sheriff’s spokesman Chad McBride said there is a “high probability she’s not from this area.”

McBride said Anderson County law enforcement typically gets tips on even the smallest crimes, things as insignificant as lawnmower thefts.

“Not one tip has come in so far to the Sheriff’s Office or Crimestoppers. Nothing. And that’s highly unusual,” McBride said. “She could be from the other side of the country for all we know, we just don’t know.”

Because of the child’s surgical scars, a doctor from Greenville Health System will check her out to see if they can figure out what type of surgery she had.

“We’re going to reach down to the Charleston hospital today, where they perform a lot of surgeries on kids,” McBride said.  “We’re just trying anything to figure it out,” McBride said. “How in the world did she get here and who in the world is she?”

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office said that someone rang the doorbell at the home on Brook Forest Drive in the Nevitt Forest subdivision at about 11 p.m. Tuesday. When Roy Campbell opened the door, he found the baby girl in a stroller and no sign of who had left her.