(News) Gucci Mane & Young Scooter Cellmates?

gucc scoot

We all know that Gucci Mane & Young Scooter were both arrested recently for allegedly violating probation. Gucci was arrested on April 12, only a day after being released from jail for allegedly assaulting a soldier looking for his autograph at a nightclub. Scooter was arrested on April 8.
The two are not only being housed in the DeKalb County Jail at the same time, but they are also cellmates!

(News) Columbia SC: Teen Popped Acid, Dumped His Clothes in Broad River Then Tried To Break INTO Jail

ratchetA teenager who sparked a large search near Harbison State Forest was found hours later on Department of Corrections property naked and on drugs, a State Forestry Commission official said.

According to Scott Hawkins, four teenagers went hiking in the forest earlier Sunday afternoon. When two of them got separated from the group sometime around 5 p.m., a call was placed to emergency officials.

Searchers first located one of the missing hikers. That teen was transported to an area hospital.

Searchers found the other missing male teen’s clothes in the Broad River.

Hours later, he was located near the Broad River Correctional Institution high on LSD and naked, according to Hawkins.

Hawkins said all four teens had been doing drugs. He did not know the ages or gender of the others involved.

Charges are pending against the male teen, Hawkins said. He said the search was a huge expense for taxpayers because all of the resources used.

Columbia firefighters, Columbia police officers, Department of Natural Resources officers and State Forestry Commission officials helped with the search. SLED also utilized its helicopter.

(News) Video: Sumter SC: 2 Men Shot To Death In Home Invasion

Sumter, SC (WLTX) – Two men have been found shot to death at a home in Sumter.

Sumter County deputies say just after 1:40 a.m. they got a call of shots fired along Confederate Road. When they arrived at the location, a woman flagged them down and took them to a home where she said her son and nephew had been fighting, and they both might be dead.

Once inside, officers discovered the bodies of two men in the hallway of the home and signs of what appeared to be a struggle.

According to an incident report, officers say they also saw a large quantity marijuana and spent rounds of ammunition on the floor.

Police say they haven’t determined what caused the incident or if other people are involved. However, they do say they don’t believe the men shot each other because they did not find a weapon at the scene, and they think it could be a home invasion.