(Sports) The Next Lebron Heading To Duke?

IFWT_parkerEvery year sports fan hear about the next big thing. The next Jordan, The next Lebron. Well if any young baller can live up to being the next Lebron it may very well be Jabrari Parker. Yesterday, Parker picked Duke University as the school he will be attending. If you follow college basketball then you know Duke is one of the favorites every season to win the championship. So basically Duke getting Parker is like the rich getting richer. He is 6’8 out of Chicago and can shoot the ball and handle the rock like a point guard.


(Sports) Dwyane Wade Miami or Chicago

the decision to re-sign with Miami wasn’t an easy one.  The basketball star joined Chicago Tribune Live and wasn’t shy about his respect for his hometown team. Although he ultimately made the decision to play for the Heat, Wade had a difficult time saying no to the Bulls.

“It was very tough, it was one of the hardest Continue reading

(Kicks) adidas adizero Rose 773 ‘USA Gold’

D.Rose is that dude! There’s no doubt in my mind that he will make a FULL recovery and come back in 2013 better than ever.  Something I can’t wait to see….in the meantime, here are his adizero 773 USA Gold’s that he would have worn in the 2012 Olympic games…. you can cop these now at www.adidas.com