(Sports) Video:Kansas City PD Release Video of Jovan Belcher at 3AM the Morning of the Shooting

Details and information has been released about the final hours of Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher.  Reports about an alleged mistress and also a riff between the two became apparent as police were called.

Belcher was allegedly having an affair with a woman named Brittani Glass.  He and Glass went out for dinner and drinks the night before the murder-suicide occurred.  He returned to his home with Kasandra Perkins and after an argument between the two he drove back over to Glass.  It’s uncertain what happened between them but Belcher ended up sleeping in his car in Glass’ apartment complex which prompted a neighbor to call the police.  Check the video, the sound starts at 4:57 mark.

Officer: Call your girl and head back upstairs for awhile.
Belcher: Yeah.
Officer: I say we try to stay up there for the night, sound cool?
Belcher: Man, y’all don’t understand. I have to deal with my other girl, man.
Officer: I understand how that’s working, but you’re passing out in the car… (inaudible)
Belcher: I wasn’t driving.
Officer: I understand you weren’t driving, but you are in the car and the car is running.


(Sports) Andrew Bynum & the Sixers Spotted Gambling in Atlantic City Before Overtime Loss to The Nets

Andrew Bynum, Evan Turner and the rest of the team were spotted at the Revel Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City gambling prior to taking on the Brooklyn Nets.  After their gambling session they took a 108-105 overtime loss to the  new look Nets.

(Sports) Kevin Durant To Mentor Thunder Rookie, Perry Jones

Via NBA.com

“While Durant was practicing with Team USA in Las Vegas, then his hometown of Washington, DC before traveling across the Atlantic Ocean to Barcelona, Manchester and London for the Olympics, he was busy. However, that didn’t stop him from welcoming the newest member of the young Thunder core to the squad and making sure Jones knew that he will have support this season, both on and off the court. ‘Perry and I got close over the last few months after we drafted him,’ Durant said. ‘I was happy that he reached a goal, a dream that he had been wanting for a long time…We have a good relationship and I’m looking forward to taking him under my wing and also learning a lot with him as well. I’m just trying to help him become the best and I’m sure he’s going to try to help me become the best as well. It’s going to be a fun relationship.’

After Jones’ first summer league game, Durant checked up on the rookie, and Jones returned the favor after Durant’s Team USA games. ‘He’s a guy that really cares about his team and his teammates,’ Jones said this summer at a Thunder Youth Basketball Camp. ‘A lot of people at his level, players like that, most of them care about themselves. It’s very rare to come around a type of player like that who cares about his team.’”

(Kicks) Nike Hyperposite “New York City” (Coming Soon)

I could care less about the Knicks, even though I wouldn’t mind seein’ Melo get a ring.  But these NY Knicks themed Hyperposites are RAW UNCUT DOPE!  These are the first images I’ve seen of ’em and Sneaker News don’t have any release info on em yet…..stay tuned.