(Mix) DJ B-Lord: #ChillMode (Timeless Music)

#chillmode sat aug 3 13

I recorded this mix live from HOT 103.9 studios. It started off going one way as I dropped J. Cole “Crooked Smile” followed by K. Michelle “V.S.O.P” then took a quick turn when I followed that with Beyonce “Me,Myself & I.” But it just felt right….so I kept it so 2003’ish w/ Alicia Keys “You Dont Know My Name.” From there, sh*t just kept gettin’ chiller & chiller…R.Kelly appeared, then T.I. came through w/ “Lets Get Away.” But then D’Angelo stole the whole f*ckin’ show w/ “Lady.” Big Poppa stopped thru to burn one w/ Brandy of all people. Then we saw Chris Brown step in. His hair was black & he was missing a few tats, but proceeded to step to the bar & drop $650 on a bottle of AOS. We saw Ne-No kickin’ it in the corner w/ 112. “You Already Know” came on. Breezy hit the dance floor & hit a cool lil two step & performed “Excuse Me Miss” as Pretty Ricky stood in the opposite corner lookin’ hella gay. Thats when I noticed Pharell was the f*ckin’ bartneder!! I took a quick break from the set to step to the bar & order a Grey Goose w/ lime juice. Pharell requested that T.I. featuring him, “Freak Though.” That was my next record. Was vibin’ to it when Stevie J came to booth (rat face in full effect) and asked to hear “You Should Let Me Love You” by Mario. He claims he ghost wrote that song. And if you listen to the actual words, it don’t sound too far fetched. We closed out the night 37 more throwbacks…..To Be Continued.

(Sports) Mario Chalmers Wants LeBron To Stop Yelling At Him, LeBron Responds!

Mario Chalmers is the whipping boy in Miami, constantly getting showered with verbal abuse on the court by his Heat teammates. Chalmers wants LeBron and company to “tone it down” this year, and James is willing if…. Chalmers can prove that he’s all grown up now.

Palm Beach Post: “If he’s grown up in the last year, then it will tone down,’ James said, laughing. ‘It’s that simple. If he doesn’t want that type of reaction from me or—’ He paused. ‘Yeah, I could do a better job of that as well,’ James said. ‘I understand. I could do a better job of that. But I don’t do it just to do it. He messes up sometimes. But he comes through for me, though.’”

(Sports) Mario Chalmers Says He’s Top 10 Point Guard & Rajon Rondo is Not The Best PG In The League

Mario Chalmers has pronounced himself one of the ten best point guards in the league. Going even further, Chalmers considers his skills in the front end of that top ten list of PG’s.

Mario Chalmers also doesn’t think Rajon Rondo is the best point guard in the league, as the Celtics superstar proclaimed a few weeks ago.