(News) Trina’s Younger Brother Murdered In Miami


Trina’s 19-year-old brother, Wilbrent “Goonkie” Bain Jr. was tragically shot and killed this morning in Miami. Word is he was friends with the man that killed him, though no other details are available. Goonkie had been taken to the hospital following the incident, where he remained in critical condition, but he has since passed. Our prayers are with Trina and her family in this difficult time!

(News) Rick Ross Hires 24 Hour Armed Security After Drive By Attempt

As we previously reported, the Miami rapper was targeted by an unknown gunman or gunmen as he was driving Monday morning with his girlfriend. Dozens of shots were reportedly fired at Ross’ Rolls Royce as it was traveling eastbound on Las Olas.
Ross crashed the Rolls into a building trying to escape the gunfire.

TMZ is reporting that the MMG boss has now hired a team of armed security to watch his back 24 hours a day. The rapper has used a security detail in the past at various public functions, but now he’s taken steps to make sure an incident like the one on Monday doesn’t happen again by having bodyguards by his side at all times.


(News) McDonald’s McRib is Restructured Meat (WTF?????)


Well, it’s that time of year again when McDonald’s rolls  out its venerable McRib sandwich. Tens of millions of Americans will  purchase one – or, judging by the nation’s ever-widening belt line, several –  but most will do so without knowing all they should know about this popular  sandwich.

Besides high caloric content, there are several other reasons  why you should avoid the McRib, a boneless pork product smothered in BBQ sauce  that famously resembles a rack of ribs, as much as you avoid most of the other  “delicacies” served by this fast-food behemoth. In addition, The Blaze  reports, there are several “fun facts” about the sandwich you may not have  known:
A sandwich ‘built’ from scratch?: The McRib is a product of  Rene Arend, who came up with the idea and design of the sandwich. That said,  Richard Mandigo, a professor from the University of Nebraska, who  developed the “restructured meat product” that the McRib is actually made  of.
According to Chicago magazine, citing a 1995 article by  Mandigo, “restructured meat product” is described thusly:
Restructured  meat products are commonly manufactured by using lower-valued meat  trimmings reduced in size by comminution (flaking, chunking, grinding,  chopping or slicing). The comminuted meat mixture is mixed with salt and Continue reading

(News) SC Man Shot & Killed At Club


COLUMBIA, SC (WLTX) — A Hopkins man was killed during an argument outside a local club after being shot multiple times. The Richland County Sheriff’s Department is currently investigating the shooting after deputies responded to a call around 1:30 AM, Saturday morning.


An argument between two family members turned into a fight inside Tony’s Lounge on Congaree Rd. The uncle and neice were told to leave the club, where the argument between the two resumed outside. The woman’s uncle, 51 year-old Calvert Myers, then physically assaulted her.

When her boyfriend, Cornelius Green stepped in, he and Myers began to fight. Myers then left and came back with a weapon and shot 37 year-old Green multiple times. Despite trying to defend himself with the help of others against Myers, he died from gunshot wounds.

Myers was taken to the hospital and is charged with murder.


(Sports) Former Raider Charged With Four Murders & Faces the Death Penalty

Anthony Wayne Smith, the 11th overall pick in the 1990 NFL draft who spent eight years with the Raiders, has been ordered to stand trial for four murders and could face the death penalty.

A Los Angeles County judge ruled after a four-day preliminary hearing that there is sufficient evidence for the 45-year-old Smith to stand trial. All four murder charges will be part of one trial, and the charges make him eligible for the death penalty, although the prosecution has not decided whether to pursue it. Continue reading

(News) SC Man Sentenced To Life For Murder By Child Abuse of Son & Dumping Him In Trashcan


A man was sentenced to life in prison without parole after being found guilty of homicide by child abuse in the death of his son who was found in a cement-filled trash can.

Roger Williams was found guilty on Thursday of homicide by child abuse and unlawful conduct towards a child for the 2010 death of his son, Rodricus Williams.

During the sentencing hearing, a relative of Rodricus’ thanked the judge and said “Rodricus got his day.” Rodricus’ mother, Shaneka Washington, attempted to make a statement but was visibly shaken.

Williams then spoke and apologized to Washington. The judge told Williams for what he did, “indifference was putting it mildly.”

Shortly after the verdict was read, Williams’ attorney asked for a new trial stating that Continue reading

(News) Man And Women Found Shot Dead in Columbia SC Home

Sheriff’s deputies are investigating the discovery of a man and woman found dead in a home in the Rosewood area of Columbia, South Carolina.

According to Richland County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Curtis Wilson, the bodies were found inside a home in the 1100 block of South Ott Road.

Wilson said the male and female had been shot in the upper body.

Investigators said there is no sign of forced entry or struggle. They are not ruling out a murder-suicide.

(News) Kershaw SC Man Charged W/ Murder After Cutting Roomate To Pieces

A Kershaw County man will be charged with murder after admitting to killing his roommate and then cutting him up and putting his body parts into trash bags after an argument over money, according to Sheriff Jim Matthews.

Deputies received a call early Monday morning about a body found in a shed in the Shepard Acres manufactured home community. According to Matthews, when they got to the home at 1288 Dogwood Lane they found several trash bags containing body parts inside a Continue reading

(News) Columbia SC Woman Found Dead Last Week Has Been Identified

Richland County, SC (WLTX) – The Richland County Coroner’s office has identified the woman that deputies say was killed at a home in Northeast Columbia Thursday.

Coroner Gary Watts says the victim is 26-year-old Almanita L. Smith.

Smith was found dead outside her home on Heron Glen Drive in the Lake Shore subdivision around 7 a.m. Monday.  According to Watts, it appears the woman had been dead for several days before she was placed in the front yard.

An exact cause of death hasn’t been released, but Watts says the death appears to be an act of homicidal violence.

Deputies have arrested her boyfriend and charged him with murder in connection with her death.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott says the story and explanation that her boyfriend is offering is inconsistent with the forensic and investigative evidence that has been recovered. He also classifies it as a case of domestic violence.

(News) Charleston SC Couple Sentenced For Starving Their 9 Month Old Son To Death

CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) – A judge says that while a Mount Pleasant couple didn’t mean to harm their 9-month old son who starved to death, they should have taken him to a doctor when he was losing weight.
Circuit Judge J.C. Nicholson on Thursday sentenced the child’s mother, 28-year-old Ashley Gordon, to nine years in prison and her husband, 30-year-old Charles Lewis Gordon IV, to seven years.

The couple pleaded guilty earlier this week to homicide by child neglect. They could have been sentenced to life in prison.

Authorities say the couple’s son, Andrew, was found starved to death in their home two years ago. The child was unresponsive and weighed just 6 pounds, 9 ounces, or almost 2 pounds less than when he was born.

(News) SC Man Accused of Murdering Wife & Baby Released From Death Row After 11 Years


A man who served 11 years on death row after being convicted of killing his girlfriend and their unborn child in 1993 has walked free after a jury decided last week that he did not intentionally kill them.

Joseph “Jody” Ard was released from the Lexington County Detention Center shortly before 6 p.m.

Ard found out he would be released from prison several hours ago. He had spent Continue reading