(Sports) Chiefs Player Kills Himself at NFL Stadium After Killing Girlfriend

A Chiefs player shot and killed himself in front of the head coach and general manager after allegedly killing his girlfriend Saturday morning.

The shootings involved linebacker Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend, now identified as 22-year-old Kasandra Perkins. Perkins and Belcher had a 3-month-old daughter together.

When police arrived at the home, a woman came out of the house and told them her daughter had been shot several times by her boyfriend. Despite calling Perkins her daughter, the woman was actually Belcher’s mother. Police said the Chiefs player was renting the home on Crysler Avenue.

Police said Perkins was taken to the hospital where she died.

Officials said Belcher, 25, shot and killed his girlfriend and then drove to the practice facility, where he shot and killed himself. Belcher approached Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli and head coach Romeo Crennel outside of the practice facility, thanked them for all they had done for him and shot himself in the head as police arrived.

While Officer Darin Snapp didn’t confirm what was believed to have led up to the shooting, he did say Belcher and his girlfriend had been known to argue in the past and had argued the morning of the shooting.

Friends of Perkins said the argument that led up to the shooting may have been centered around a Trey Songz concert. Perkins allegedly went to the performer’s show Friday night at the Midland Theatre and stayed out later than Belcher would have liked. When she returned, the two started arguing.

(Sports) Video:WOW!!! Ray Rice’s Amazing Fourth-and-29 Conversion

The Ravens wouldn’t have been in a position to go to overtime had Rice not made what might be the play of the year. With 1:59 left in regulation, and the ball at the Ravens’ 37-yard line, quarterback Joe Flacco responded to a fourth-and-29 situation by throwing a little swing pass to Rice that went one yard beyond the line of scrimmage. Under normal circumstances, the receiver would have been tackled a few yards upfield, the Chargers would have taken over on downs, and everyone in Baltimore would have been roasting Cameron and Flacco all week.

Under abnormal circumstances, you get one running back making a supreme effort, pulling through several Chargers defenders, and just barely picking up the first down. The replay assistant upstairs challenged the spot from referee Gene Steratore’s crew, and that took about 10 interminable minutes, but it was eventually ruled a first down. Six plays later, kicker Justin Tucker booted a 38-yard field goal to end regulation and tie the game. And with 1:12 left in overtime, Tucker nailed another 38-yarder to give the Ravens the come-from-behind win — and add another agonizing loss to Norv Turner’s quiver.

The real story was Rice’s historic conversion. According to ESPN Stats & Info, the play was the longest fourth-down conversion since 2001, when the Buffalo Bills converted a fourth-and-34 against the Indianapolis Colts.

You just don’t see plays like this every day. And you don’t see running backs like Ray Rice too often at all.


(Sports) Video:Victor Cruz Catches Pass From A Plane

Now if he will only learn to catch more consistently from Eli Manning!!! Victor Cruz this week made this video of him catching a pass dropped from a plane flying above as a promotional video to help fans vote for him for the pro bowl. Cruz, who has made a lot of big plays this year for the Giants, has also dropped quite a few passes. I’ll be a happy fan if he concentrates on game passes, instead of plane passes, although this video is somewhat cool because you have to figure by the time he catches the ball, it has to be traveling well over 100mph.


(Sports) Plaxico Burress Signs With The Steelers

Congrats Plax!  I’m glad someone is giving you another chance!  After watching Plaxico Burress work out Tuesday, the Pittsburgh Steelers signed the veteran wide receiver.

“Plaxico is in very good physical condition, from what I saw today,” Steelers coach Mike Tomlin said.

Burress played last season with the New York Jetsafter spending nearly two years in prison for illegal possession of a firearm.

Despite missing the 2009 and 2010 seasons, Burress was productive with the Jets, hauling in 45 receptions and eight touchdowns. But the 35-year-old has remained unsigned throughout this season despite reportedly drawing interest from multiple teams.

The 6-foot-5 Burress would Continue reading

(Sports) HOLD UP, Drew Brees Pledges Huge Sum To Hurricane Sandy Victims!

In an interview with CBS’ “Person To Person” to air this week, Brees will announce his pledge of $1 million to help victims of Hurricane Sandy.

And in the same interview, Brees said he will be donating $2 million to New Orleans area organizations and charities.

Anyone in New Orleans will tell you Brees has already done more than enough in the Bayou to cement his reputation as one of the most beloved public figures who ever lived there. Some would even say he’s done that by winning a Super Bowl alone. Even in the awful days after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the city in 2005, it was staggering and touching to hear how fans counted their blessings and mentioned the Saints among them. Never has a city deserved a championship like New Orleans deserved its NFL title, and Brees delivered it.

Winning is only one part of Brees’ long list of achievements. The Brees Dream Foundation, founded in 2003, has reached into all sorts of noble pursuits, not least of which was helping New Orleans recover from Katrina. Brees’ charity, which is run with high-school sweetheart turned wife, Brittany, has committed or contributed more than $11 million to everything from building a world-class park to supporting a New Orleans ballet association. A lot of celebrity charities are for show – empty offices with little true muscle behind well-meaning names. For Brees, it’s the opposite: His charity does a lot more than many of his most ardent fans realize.

(Sports) Charges Dropped Against Adrian Peterson

”They dropped the charges. Thank God,” he wrote in the text.

Derek Hollingsworth, one of Peterson’s attorneys, said Tuesday the case stemming from Peterson’s July 7 arrest outside a night club is expected to be formally dropped on Wednesday. Peterson was due in court for a pretrial hearing on Thursday before Judge Natalie Fleming.

Hollingsworth said Peterson testified before the grand jury on Tuesday, two days after he rushed for 171 yards on the Vikings’ 34-24 win over Detroit. Peterson Continue reading

(Sports) NFL Giants Donate $500,000 For Hurricane Sandy Storm Relief

The Giants have given $500,000 to the recovery effort.  The team announced the donation on Tuesday.

he cash will be split between the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund and the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City.

“The New York metropolitan area sustained extensive and devastating damage to its infrastructure in Hurricane Sandy,” Giants owners John Mara and Steve Tisch said in a joint statement issued by the team.  “The Giants want to do everything we can to assist our neighbors, fans and friends.  Toward that end, after careful consideration, we have decided to make donations to these two very worthy funds.  We are in this for the long haul and will continue to assist relief efforts in our hard-hit region.”

(Sports) Video:@LarryFitzgerald Shaves @kevinlove Head For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I love when athletes give back!  In support of October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love had Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald shave his head. The two are spreading love and awareness in an effort to raise money for breast cancer.

Every time this video is viewed, retweeted on Twitter or is liked or shared on Facebook – Love and Fitzgerald will donate 25¢ to a breast cancer charity, up to $250,000 total. Fitzgerald is all in on this because he lost his mother to the cancer.



(Sports) Vince Young to Workout For the Arizona Cardinals

Young may get a another chance after being cut from the Buffalo Bills.  Many thought it was over for him but it turns out he will work out for the Arizona Cardinals on Tuesday.
The Cardinals are having trouble in the quarterback position with losing starting quarterback Kevin Kolb for 6-8 weeks because of a sternum injury.  John Skelton who began the season as the starter has just returned from an ankle injury.

Both QB’s are battered so the Cardinals Continue reading

(Sports) Man Arrested For Blackmailing Hines Ward

Hines Ward was the target in a diabolical extortion plot … so say police who arrested a man for allegedly threatening to release evidence that Ward paid women for sex.

Cops in Pennsylvania arrested 26-year-old Josh Van Auker yesterday … after he allegedly demanded $15,000 from the former Pittsburgh Steelers superstar in exchange for materials that he claims would prove Hines patronized prostitutes.

According to police, Van Auker claimed Ward used to bang his GF — though it’s unclear if she is one of the people he claims Ward paid to have sex with.

Cops say they arrested Van Auker in a sting operation — in which he made the cash-for-evidence handoff with Ward’s personal assistant … who was working with detectives.

Van Auker is now facing 2 counts of felony attempted extortion — he;s due to face a judge as soon as possible.

(Sports) Antrel Rolle Thinks RG3 Is A “Different” QB Than Michael Vick

New York Giants safety Antrel Rolle – preparing to face Griffin and the Redskins on Sunday – agrees.

“I haven’t watched too much film on RG3 yet,” Rolle told WFAN-AM, via The Star-Ledger. “I’ve just seen highlights and this, that and the other. But, of course, they’re different. They’re two totally different quarterbacks and I think that their game as far as their offensive approach is extremely different.RG3, as you know, he can run the ball. I think he runs the ball a lot more than Michael Vick. I mean, he’s a fast guy. He has a very, very strong arm and I think he’s an all-around quarterback and he’s going to get better with time.”

Antrel also took to Twitter earlier today: