(Mixtape) DJ B-Lord’s “Ratchet Ass Sex Tape”

 Get your condoms & candles ready! DJ B-Lord drops the already classic, “Ratchet Ass Sex Tape” jammed with 37 of the BEST and most RATCHET ass sex songs EVER made, all in one mix! Jamie Foxx, Pretty Ricky, Plies, Ne-Yo, Tyrese, Usher are just a few of the names that pop up in this well rounded bedroom boomer. *DJ B-Lord and MightyDamnFresh are NOT responsible for any unplanned pregnancies or STD’s that might occur during listening to “Ratchet Ass Sex Tape.”

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(News) DJ B-Lord Drops “Ratchet Ass Sex Tape” Thursday @ 12 Noon!

Whether you know it or not, this is exactly what you need for CIAA weekend.  Meet me back here on MDF tomorrow at 12 noon for the free download of my latest mixtape, “Ratchet Ass Sex Tape.” 38 of the best f*ck songs EVER made…on ONE CD. 

(News) College Of Charleston Student Suing Man Over Secret Sex Tape

A College of Charleston student is suing a Cayce, South Carolina man after discovering she was secretly filmed having sexual intercourse with the man, and the video was posted on the Internet.

According to court documents, 26-year-old Harold “Tripp” Worthy III invited the 19-year-old student to Columbia, S.C. on December 31, 2011 to attend a VIP party at a club. She says she was first contacted by Worthy via social media when she was in high school.

The victim says Worthy purchased her drinks at Continue reading

(Sex) To Submit Or Not To, There Should Be No Question (by Butterfly)

To Submit or Not to, There should be no question.

Submit: to yield oneself to the authority or will of another; surrender.

Submissive: submitting to other(s) will

Submission: the condition of being humble, compliant or submissive.

I’m almost sure I probably lost half of the women in that opening statement and all I did was state definitions. Sadly, most women probably feel that to allow a man to “exert” (yassss) his “will” (Yup) over her makes them weak. In fact, some females only engage in fellatio (read head) because they are in control and enjoy making a man (cough cough) vulnerable… at least until he orgasms, that is.
But, can you, oh dominant woman, can you submit? I believe you can. You like a man that can take charge of the situation, don’t you? Or In hoodrat speak: You want a BAWSE  don’tcha?
Why not in the bedroom? No thinking needed; which is a good thing cuz half of you think so much you forget to feel. smh.
“But what of he makes me do something I don’t like?”
Hard Limits are sexual acts you will not do; non-negotiable.
Soft Limits are sexual acts your inner freak wants to do but fears being CALLED a freak so you don’t do it. Sounds interesting don’t it?
Creep or not, Brian McKnight might be on to something.

You’re already submitting and don’t even know it.

Hit the jump for acts considered submissive…

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