(Sports) Will the Miami Heat Be Able to Keep LeBron, Wade & Bosh? Pat Riley Has a Answer


The lingering questions about the Heat’s future have been focused far beyond this season. In particular, whether Riley can keep this team together when the luxury tax penalties become much stiffer starting in 2013-14.

“It’s doable in this tax economy, but I’ll leave that up to [Heat owner] Micky [Arison],” Riley said with a laugh. “That will all be tackled after the season, but it is doable.”

In other words, the ball is in Arison’s hands. Just like the Heat president planned ahead years in advance of the summer of 2010, Riley said he has already had internal conversations with Heat brass about how to financially keep the star-studded core intact when LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh can all opt out of their contracts after the 2013-14 season.

“I don’t believe that we have to sell anybody on us anymore in 2014,” Riley said. “It’s all about winning now and when that time comes, we’ll deal with it.”

But the financial burden will begin starting in 2013-14 when taxpaying teams will have to pay $1.50 for every dollar they’re over the luxury tax line. And it gets considerably more punitive in 2014-15 when the repeater penalties hit and the tax rate increases the deeper a team is into the tax. Additionally, taxpaying teams will have more stringent roster management restrictions, including the inability to acquire players via sign-and-trades.

“It’s going to take that kind of revenue and those kinds of opportunities to be able to [keep the core together],” Riley said. “It is doable, but it’s a question of the economics of the game. There’s going to have to be some strategic planning not only from [the business] standpoint, but also personnel-wise over the next couple of years to deal with [the potential tax penalties].”


(Sports) NBA: Dwyane Wade Donating Salary From Knicks/Heat Game To Charity

Dwayne Wade was under fire for a tweet he made yesterday that ended up being a complete misunderstanding.  Now he’s even doing something about it.  I applaud Wade for this.  It’s always great to see celebs/athletes giving back!

Wade said Friday’s Heat-Knicks game at Madison Square Garden in storm-ravaged New York City should have been postponed, and he told USA TODAY Sports he will donate his salary from the game to charity.

When it comes to road venues, “It’s my favorite place to play,” Wade told USA TODAY Sports of the Garden. “But just knowing a lot of people here and knowing what they’ve been going through with no power, no water, no food … to me, it just seems like there’s bigger things to be concerned about than a basketball game. Continue reading

(Sports) Dwyane Wade Has Message For The Media Over LeBron James Lakers Rumor

Earlier this morning we shared a story about LeBron possibly heading to the Lakers in 2 yrs. when Kobe leaves. Thanks to the latest speculation, we’re now virtually assured LeBron James-to-the-Lakers talk for the next two seasons. Dwyane Wade wishes that wasn’t the case.

From the Palm Beach Post:

“They need to leave my teammate alone with that, and go mess with somebody else,’ Wade said. ‘He’s gonna be here. We’re straight.’ James, for his part, stayed on message, a message you’re sure to hear over and over from him: ‘I’m here. I’m preparing for the season. I’m preparing to defend our title.’”

(Sports) Dwyane Wade Debuts Li-Ning Shoes at Practice!

It was announced earlier this week that Dwyane Wade officially left the Jordan Brand & couple days later he took to Twitter  to share a sneak peek of his new kicks.   Now with his new Li-Ning deal expected to be officially announced ahead of next week’s Miami Heat/Los Angeles Clippers exhibition tour in China, Wade debuted his kicks at training camp this week. Continue reading

(Sports) Dwyane Wade Drops Jordan For Chinese Brand

Wade had been with Jordan Brand since 2010 and his contact expired on Oct. 1. Rumors started heating up that Wade would be leaving Jordan Brand last month when he wasn’t scheduled to debut a new sneaker for the 2012-13 season, which his fellow endorsers Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul were set to do. There was still uncertainty through the weekend after Wade wore his Jordan Fly Wade 2 kicks to Heat media day on Sept. 28.

In addition to the source’s information, Philadelphia 76er Evan Turner, who reps Li-Ning, tweeted this on Monday: “I’d like to welcome the homie Continue reading

(Sports) Dwyane Wade Believes LeBron Can Get Better

LeBron James already has won three NBA MVP awards and recently earned his first NBA championship, but teammate Dwyane Wade believes James will get even better.

“The sky’s the limit,” Wade told ESPNChicago.com on Wednesday after a promotional appearance for his new book, “A Father First.” “He’s been very good. He has three MVPs. I don’t know Continue reading

(Sports) Dwyane Wade Miami or Chicago

the decision to re-sign with Miami wasn’t an easy one.  The basketball star joined Chicago Tribune Live and wasn’t shy about his respect for his hometown team. Although he ultimately made the decision to play for the Heat, Wade had a difficult time saying no to the Bulls.

“It was very tough, it was one of the hardest Continue reading

(SPORTS) Video: Dwyane Wade Book “A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger Than Basketball”

NBA superstar Dwyane Wade is set to released his book called “A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger Than Basketball” in September. Dwayne goes into his relationship with his children and own father.

Check out the video promo: