(Sports) Russell Westbrook Might Be In Dunk Contest?


I purposely used this picture above from last year’s NBA all-star game to show how much my boy Westbrook gets up!! He is only 6’3 (probably shorter) and as you can see he is dunking right between Lebron and Dwight Howard during last year’s game. His feet are basically at their waist! I would love to see him in the dunk contest. The dunk contest has been hit or miss in recent years. Yes Blake Griffin winning a couple years ago was exciting and entertaining, but some years it is very boring. Having a star like Westbrook bring attention to it again, especially with his athletic ability would be fun. Seeing the little guys of the NBA fly through the air always looks better.

(Sports) Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook & Kevin Love Train Together in LA

The countdown is on till the beginning of the NBA season and each player is getting prepared.  Bulls Derrick Rose, Thunder’s Russell Westbrook and the Timberwolves Kevin Love all trained together in Los Angeles as they did last year.  They’re all prized pupils of trainer Rob McClanaghan and it’s all smiles for now.